Rules of article formatting


The total size of an academic article including its title, abstract, key words, text and references should not exceed one printer's sheet (one printer's sheet is 40,000 printed characters with notes and gaps). The size of a review of a monograph, printed music, audio track and video should not exceed 10, 000 printed characters with gaps.
The article should be typed using Microsoft Word processor with .doc extension. Typeface is Times New Roman, 14 points; 12 points for notes. Line spacing is 1,5. Top, bottom, right and left margins are 2 cm. Page format is A4. Paragraph indentation is 1,25 cm (automatic); paragraph spacing is normal; automatic hyphenation, across page justification.
Italics, quotation marks «» and quotes "" within a citation can be used. Notes to the text are allowed in the form of footnotes. Bibliographic references in the text are in square brackets, for example, [1]. In case of verbatim quote indicate the source and page number of the quotation: [3, P. 17].
Numbers of sonatas, symphonies and concertos are written in words. Keys are in Latin, for example, A-dur, c-moll. Indications of opuses should not be separated from its title by comma (for instance, Prelude in c-moll op. 3 №1). Names of sounds should be written in Latin italicized letters: d, E. Music terms should be also italicized and written in the language of the original: staccato, diminuendo.

List of references should contain only necessary sources and be relevant to the article. It should be placed at the end of the article in alphabetical order. Foreign language sources should be listed after sources in the Russian language. The title of a source should be written in the language of the original. Titles of sources in alphabets other than Cyrillic and Latin (e.g. Arabic, Greek, etc.) should be transliterated in Latin letters. In this case it is necessary to mention the language of the original in parenthesis at the end of the reference.

There should be a separate section of References in Latin alphabet. To do that repeat all titles from Russian Reference list (see website (BGN option)).

Don't forget to complete the article with putting the date of sending it to the journal.

Authors of articles are fully responsible for accuracy and authenticity of data, quotes, notes and references. Manuscripts not complying with the rules will not be published.

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